Workin' for the Weekend

I have errands to run.  I haven't done my workout yet today.  And that means I haven't showered yet. (Why would you shower before you work out?  Duh)  There is also plenty of housework going by the wayside.  Yes, I am PROCRASTINATING.  Man, I'm good at it.  I go to bed at night with a wonderful idea of how the next day is going to work, only to wake up and think, "Meh, maybe later."

I live for my Saturdays.  They are like a beacon shining in the distance that gets me through the work-week.  Last night, Hubby said that while he hates to wish a day away, he was anxious for the Steelers game Sunday night.  I understand that, but c'mon, of all the days you could wish away, not my Saturday!  Now, don't get me wrong... Fridays are great (except for the part where I have to spend the bulk of it at the office).  Yesterday I took an impulse nap when I got home from work, then we ordered Chinese and just relaxed, watching our own little Bones marathon on Netflix (my latest addiction.  Read this post to see what I mean).  But Saturday... sleeping in, puttering around the house, doing whatever needs done or I want to do (or not do, as is the case today), but most importantly, not having to go to the office.  I really like my job, I just don't like the inflexibility of it.  I've dreamed of telecommuting, but too many of my responsibilities require me to be at the office.  Then again, I've dreamed of being a housewife, but I can't get anyone to pay me for it.

What is your favorite day of the week?  Why?  Do you struggle with procrastination on Saturdays like I do?  Or am I just lazy?

And what is your dream job?  Tell us about it!