Don't Try Anything You're About to See Us Do At Home

I'm totally addicted to Mythbusters lately... I get stuck on a particular program, so I'll watch all the available seasons of it on Netflix or DVD until I'm all caught up, then I get completely burned out and can't watch TV for weeks.  Then I'll sit down and seek out my next TV addiction.  In the past few years, I've done it with Charmed, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, most recently Cake Boss, and now Mythbusters.  I rarely sit down to watch a show on it's given night; mostly because I don't remember to and anyway Hubby controls the TV viewing in our house.  Except for the rare occasions when both elements are in play: I want to watch TV AND Hubby is not already watching TV.  Sometimes I'll sit down and watch whatever he is watching, but I can't take too many televised sports or shows with names made up of a bunch of letters.  OK, as soon as I typed that I realized that ALL shows have names that are made up of a bunch of letters.  Well, except for 24.  And yeah, he used to watch that one, too.

One show that I do try to watch every week is Chuck, but I do intend, once this season is over, to go back and start watching it from season one again.  Those were the episodes when Hubby and I seemed to think the show's name was "Steve", not "Chuck".  Never did figure out why we both got that impression and couldn't seem to get it right.

I don't know why I enjoy watching entire series episode-by-episode better than just watching "whatever's on TV".  I'm sure my family gets annoyed with it:  "Oh, look... Mythbusters is on.  Again.  Yay."  Well, except for our oldest who does the same thing with her own preferred shows.  In fact, she's the one that got me stuck on Cake Boss.  I was so disappointed to find there were only two seasons of it so far!  I'm told there's another show like it but Netflix doesn't have it.  Sad face.  I think I need to get out more.