Jules: The Story

I'm a simple country girl with lots of opinions... some I even keep to myself.  The rest you can find here, on the Pineapple Couch.

I am a child of the most high God and follower of his only true son, Jesus Christ. I'm the wife of a kind-hearted, loving, hard-working and faithful man who thinks I'm worth keeping around.  I'm Momma to a beautiful, young adult woman who, despite her best attempts to avoid it, really is me twenty years ago (only with her own personal twist).  I'm so blessed to be stepmom, also known as Juju, to three awesome young adults who each in their own way remind me of what an amazing man their Dad is.  And I am Gramma to the coolest little boy in the world. Seriously... think of the cutest kid you can possibly imagine, then multiply that by a billion and you're getting close.

I work full-time for a great, family-owned construction company, I love God, believe that there is an absolute right and wrong (which is plainly outlined in the Bible), and try to live by it.

I love to laugh and do it often.  Come visit and chat!