2011 is Off and Running! I'm Just Trying to Keep Up!

Wow, it’s been a crazy busy week and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down for the next few days.  I’ve been wanting to post but just haven’t had the time to dedicate to it.  So this is my “write a sentence whenever I get a chance” post.  In other words, it probably won’t make any sense.

So, those New Year’s resolutions… how are you doing on yours?  I’m weaning myself off the diet Coke, not as fast as I first intended, but I’m hoping that by making it as “painless” as possible I won’t fall off the wagon so easily.  My replacements for it are water and unsweetened iced tea.  Anybody have any other (healthy) suggestions?  I’ve never been one to just drink a glass of milk, it just doesn’t appeal to me, and obviously substituting the diet Coke with a sugary drink would just be trading one problem for another.  People have suggested flavoring my water with anything from fruit slices to Crystal Light, but I actually prefer plain water to flavored water for some reason.  So what else does that leave?  Wine!   Just kidding!

Another resolution of mine is the typical weight-loss resolution.  I got the P90X DVDs from a friend and intended to start them on Monday.  Then I woke up that morning with my back is major spasm and spent the day at home on muscle relaxers and pain pills.  So Tuesday was going to be Day One… until I ended up working late and then having to do the grocery shopping and dinner.  By the time I got finally home, it was almost time for bed!  I knew today was out of the question before it even started… straight from work to an eye exam to the first night of our Ladies’ Bible study.  I don’t even see eating happening anywhere in there, let alone exercising.  So let’s aim for tomorrow, eh?  I’m past due for an oil change and almost made an appointment to get it done after work tomorrow but I stopped myself: “No!  The car can go another day or two without the oil change; if I put off starting this P90X, it’ll never get done!”  So tomorrow it is.  I’m gonna be in soooo much pain on Friday.

My final resolution was to fix a broken relationship.  I won’t go into details but I am working on it and I think the other person might be, too.  Either that or I’m just wearing them down!  I’ve tried to fix it a few times before and whenever I’d see a glimmer of hope, Hubby would tell me not to get my hopes up.  At the time I thought he was just being pessimistic, but after repeated episodes of “I think they’re coming around” being followed by “I can’t believe they just said/did that to me”, I saw that he was just trying to be realistic because he didn’t want to see me get hurt again.  This has gone on for the better part of 2010 and my goal is to not have it be a part of 2011!

So that’s my resolution update… how are yours going?  Let me know!!!