Like Thor Ramsey Once Said, "It's Barely Freezing!"

Reason #36 why I question my sanity:  I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania where the weatherman sounded like he was giving us good news when he said, "Tomorrow, we'll have highs near 25!"  Oh, how can I possibly contain my excitement.

Going to the mail box... brb.
At least, I think it's Reason #36... or is #36 the one where I thought adopting a friend's cat as a favor would actually work out and our cats would become friends?  Hmmm... I know numbers 1 through 35 are particular dreams that I've had that make me question my sanity.  I know that when I share these dreams with others, they also question my sanity, so I've learned to keep them to myself.  Anyway...

We've got about a kabillion inches of snow and it won't quit.  Seriously.  Even when you think it quit, if you look closely you can see it's still snowing a little tiny bit, as if the sky was a leaky faucet you can't shut off completely.  I have one of those in our shower, so I know what I'm talking about.  Yeah, I'm like a leaky faucet expert.  Oops, lost my train of thought again.  Snow, cold, winter, miserable, yeah that's what we were talking about.

I've lived in this area all but two years of my life and every winter I wish I lived somewhere warmer.  Those two years I didn't live here?  Yeah, I lived in ROCHESTER NEW YORK.  Guess I wasn't satisfied with the lake effect snow we get here, so I moved to Rochester.  Duh.  I read recently that some scientists compiled a bunch of data over a lot of years (real technical stuff) and came up with a list of the snowiest (on average) cities in the U.S.  Erie, PA was number 6.  Rochester was number 3.  Good choice there, Jules.  Of course, the numbers this season show that Erie is actually having a pretty light year so far with only 29 inches, compared to Rochester's 52.5.  Okay, Northwestern PA is starting to look pretty good.  And for anyone that cares, based on this season's numbers alone, Rochester is still holding firm to their #3 spot but Erie has dropped down to #11!  But that still leaves about a million other cities I could move to that have less snow!  (Zero inches works for me)

I'll probably grow old and die here.  Of hypothermia.  In the meantime, if you'd like to read more of my Adventures in Winter Wonderland, go here.