I'm Beginning to Think Sugar Might Be the Devil in Disguise

I've known for a long time that I needed to kick the sugar habit.  It's been my downfall in every attempt I've made to lose weight.  The cravings are insane when I try to quit eating it.  And if there was one thing I could rely on, it was that the sugar would pretend to be my friend to lure me back.  Until now.   I've been telling myself I needed to kick the sugar habit once again the past few months and even got a book about it a while back (apparently just owning the book doesn't help; supposedly I have to read it, too).  But before I took the time to try to once again get off sugar, sugar decided to stop pretending to be my friend and just showed its ugly face to me.  First there was the Butterfinger Bomb that went off in my car.  First lesson learned: if the Butterfingers are on sale, there's a REASON.  Like they're old or broken or potentially lethal.  But I found one in the display that felt solid and unbroken.  However, a few minutes later while driving down the road, I opened the wrapper and was immediately blasted by Butterfinger shrapnel everywhere.  It seriously was like a grenade went off while I was driving.  So I couldn't do anything about it but continue driving while covered in what used to be a Butterfinger but was now just a gory, chocolatey mess.  I had taken my gloves off to open it and later found bits of disintegrated candy waaay down in the tips of the fingers.  Ewww!  And Ow!  because tiny little pieces of Butterfinger shrapnel are SHARP! 
Well, since I ended up wearing that sugar-fix instead of eating it, I felt justified in eating a HUGE bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream later that night.  But the evil sugar was not done tormenting me.  I spent an hour on the floor of the bathroom, writhing in digestive pain and wishing I could take back that bowl of ice cream.  Like how someone who drank too much wishes they could take back the last four beers... as they're on the bathroom floor trying to strike a deal with God to just PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.   I told myself that was it: no more ice cream.  Until about a week later when I impulsively tried some at Coldstone Creamery.  After a few spoonfuls I could feel the uneasiness starting, so I called it quits.  I think that ice cream is now only a pleasant memory for me.  This makes me sad.  But better to be sad than be stuck in the bathroom in pain. 
I  still have all the OTHER sources of sugar to overcome, but I picked up that book that I had never gotten around to reading and I hope will help me in this.  It's called The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program.  It's seven steps.  I'm on step one.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  Step one is eating breakfast with protein every single day, so I'm making a couple eggs every morning.  The premise behind the program is that sugar addiction is at least exacerbated, if not caused, by a combination of chemical imbalances that include low serotonin.  Protein is needed for the body to produce serotonin, hence step one.  Stayed tuned to see how this goes!