We Knew Her When...

I don't find the time to post like I used to.  I miss it and I hope to get back to it soon, it's a great way to "get things off my chest" while also getting feedback from readers that often times can help me figure things out. Until I can get back to writing again, I will enjoy the writings of friends and family.  I recently linked you to my daughter's blog.  Today I want to point you towards Amy's writings.

Amy is an amazing woman, but I'll let you learn about her from her writings.  She was recently published in Christian Woman, which totally rocks 'cause I suggested she submit an article to them about a year ago... and she did!  And they published it!  So now, when she becomes a world-famous author, I can say, "Yeah, I had a hand in that."  Or NOT. Just kidding, I'm just so excited for her and for everything God has planned for her.  Seriously, head over there and see what I mean.

I'll write again... eventually!