The Awesomeness that is my Grandson

If you ever thought that nothing could compare to the love you have for your children, wait until they give you grandchildren.

We have one. His adorableness is insane and his laughter is contagious. He's one
and 3/4 years old and growing up way too fast. His name is Gabriel and he has got to be the most-loved person on the planet, I'm just sure of it.

Because of some personal setbacks in my daughter's life, she and Gabriel moved in with us last summer. It's been a tough adjustment for all of us, but he has made even the hard parts worth it. I get to come home from work every day and be greeted by his beautiful face as he runs up to me saying "Oh, hi!" with a big grin on his face. That feeling of "there's someone in the world who is genuinely excited to see me" immediately makes even rough days easier.

He looks so much like his mom, I sometimes catch myself just examining his face and being transported back in time to when I was a young mother and she was this beautiful little child. And I remember what it all felt like: the uncertainty about what kind of future I could give her, whether I was cut out to be a good mom, the bizarre feeling that my heart was no longer inside my body but now lived in her, I gain more respect for my daughter knowing that she is now experiencing all that with her son.

Thank you Lord for blessing our family with this little boy; I pray that we can be the grandparents he deserves.