As Seen On TV!

I was on my way home from work tonight when Hubby texted me to say the power had just gone out.  That was over an hour ago and here we sit, still in the dark.  No storm, it was a beautiful fall day and I didn’t see a car smashed into a utility pole anywhere, so I don’t know what the problem is, but I called the electric company and they said they’d already received about 300 calls about it, so the power should be back on soon.  Uh huh.

We’re just getting really tired of flipping light switches that we’ve flipped twenty times already.  How long does it take the human brain to figure out that THE POWER IS OUT AND FLIPPING THE LIGHT SWITCH ISN’T GOING TO HELP?  Yet every time one of us walks into a different room: *flip* “Oh, yeah.”  Hubby said we wouldn’t be able to make supper without power (we have an electric stove), so I thought I’d prove him wrong and just make some chicken salad sandwiches.  Got out a can of chicken, walked over to the can opener, and stared at it, stupified.  “Ummmm….”

Now I have a manual can opener for just these occasions, but not your typical can opener.  THIS is the “As Seen on TV” Miracle Can.  Well, ok, it was seen on TV maybe twenty years ago.  I even tried to Google it just now and everything that came up for “miracle can opener” looked like it actually could open a can.  Then toward the bottom of the page of images, I found this:
pineapple couch

I think this picture is pretty much representative of my Miracle can opener.  It’s not the one made by Ecko that kept showing up on Google.  I wish I had that one.  No, this is one of those that cut the side of the can instead of the top, supposedly eliminating any sharp edges.  It’s actually quite effective at eliminating sharp edges… because it doesn’t actually open anything.  After about 237 trips around the can, I managed to loosen it enough so that Hubby could use a pair of pliers to pry the top off.

So then I thought, “Aha!  I can still get online using my laptop.  The battery doesn’t last very long, but it will be something.”  Then Hubby pointed out that without power, the router wasn’t on.  Grrrrr.  So instead I decided to sit down and write this until the battery died.  Then the power came back on but by then I was halfway through this post, so I decided to keep writing and Googled miracle can openers.  And found a frowny face instead.  I have now succeeded in not doing anything I had intended to come home and do tonight.  Mission accomplished.