So Water is Magnetic? Who Knew!

The shop manager at work (let's call him Randy, since that's his name) called me to come over and fix his computer.  Apparently, the Boss had been in over the weekend and used Randy's computer and somehow things got screwy.  The Boss has admitted before that he thinks he has some type of force field around him that screws up computers.  I used to think that was silly, but as the years go by, I'm starting to see why he feels that way.  Anyway, I walked into the shop office and noticed a silver bowl filled with water on the floor by the water cooler.  I know the Boss has a dog, so perhaps he had brought it with him that weekend?  We may never know because at this point, the following conversation took place.  Seriously.

Me: "Was there a dog in your office?"
Randy: "No, why?"
Me: "There's a water dish on the floor."
Randy: "That's not a water dish."
Me: "It's not?"
Randy: "No, it's a magnetic parts bowl."
Me: "Oh... why is it on the floor?"
Randy: "I dunno, but it's not a water dish."
Me: "Why is there water in it?"
Randy: "I dunno."
Me: "I think it's a water dish..."
Randy: "It's not a water dish."
Me: "Okay."

My job might not be the most exciting in the world, but my coworkers definitely make it bearable!